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Let's talk about Swarm Pulling

What is swarm pulling and how can it help

Swarm pulling in Everquest is a technique that players can use to pull large quantities of mobs at once and then kill them en masse. It is very exciting to see players do this for the first time, especially if you’re on the receiving end of its benefits. Everquest swarm pulling is often used to power level characters, farm platinum, loot and trade skill items. It can also be used as a method to grind regular experience or alternate advancement points.

There are numerous techniques used under the umbrella of swarm pulling. Different classes obviously have different abilities that grant them a unique style of play. Some of the best swarm classes are the Cleric, Paladin, Magician and Shadowknight. Each class has its advantages and disadvantages.

Swarmpulling.com will provide you with the knowledge necessary to begin mastering the swarm pulling technique of your choice and will keep you updated on any changes that benefit these abilities.

The Basics of Swarm Pulling in Everquest

Discover the techniques needed to swarm pull effectively

There are two key factors to swarm pulling in Everquest.

  • You can heal & absorb more damage than is being dealt.
  • You can deal damage back while in this state.

There are many ways to go about this mathematical balancing act. Understanding these two key factors will allow you to perfect and build on top of your own techniques.

The general basis is that the character performing the swarm pull will be looking for mobs that are considered light blue or lower in most* cases. This color merely indicates that the mobs are lower in level. However, when you pull 10, 20, 30, 40+ mobs, this exponentially increases the amount of damage you will take.

So let it be known now, this is a difficult skill to learn, and it will be messy and you will feel like you were hit with a semi-truck many times over. The thing to remember is that, once you have mastered your swarm pulling technique, it is highly rewarding and you will be able to farm loot, platinum, trade skill items, and power level in Everquest like never before.

* In certain cases, depending on the character’s class, the level disparity may not matter as much, because their techniques differ, such as ranger’s headshot, rogue’s assassinate, and berserker’s decapitate.